Compact kit


We are doing feature stories at the Venice film festival this year. ENG/run’n’gun stuff. Being mobile is a must but you still need gear. Weight adds up so so quickly even when you try to keep a compact run kit.
This is what I managed to stick in here today…


2 lenses (Canon HD22 and 11)
5 XDCam discs
5″ TV-logic on-board monitor
Idiot light (top-camera light)
1 GoproHD2 camera
Vocas Mattebox
7 filters (Pola, .3, .6, .9 ND grad, .6 NDblender, 1/2 SFX, 1/2 blk promist)
2 reflectors with built in diffusers
1 x 4×4 ft frame with diffuser and bounce
4 batteries (2x190Wh and 2x 160Wh)
Cineroid light with 2 L batteries
2 sheets of Black wrap
Cables for patching into audio
2 SDI Video cables (1x1m, 1x5m)
3 wireless packs with Lavs, microcats and concealer
1 wired lav
1 wireless handmic
22 AA batteries
Rain cover
Lens wipes
iPhone charger
Electrical tape
Gaffers tape

Even though there isn’t anything overkill the weight does add up, Quickly especially if you have to be mobile. The ThinkTank roller has backpack straps but being a roller helps on the long walks… 🙂 This all is of course additional weight on top of the Sachtler 20i and the XDCam pdw-700camera…

We also keep a small light kit on-site but try not to add 27 KG (60lbs) to the run around kit… 🙂