A little goes a long way…


I recently shot package comedy bits for the talk show Robins which airs on Swedish TV SVT.  We shot a bunch of different short packages ranging from 30 sec to 2.30. Production tempo was high and I together with my sound person Göran were the only 2 in the tech crew.  Everything was shot on a Panasonic 2100!! 2/3 inch ENG camera. Big sensor would have been nice but SVT owns the 2100’s and the choice was theirs. Lighting package (package is a big word) was really minimal and a few LED panels and a 650 Frensel was about it.  Time was really a shortage and we were moving so fast quick solutions were in order. I brought along, and absolute savior, the Odyssey 7q monitor and and Arri Locaster for an accurate quick dialing light.  I also has a wireless monitor solution for our director to get cables to a minimum.  Since everything was straight-to-air (no post color correction) the Convergent design Odyssey 7Q was a life saver giving me an accurate image on set.

Arri Locaster taped to car window. The color controls, plus/minus green is so incredibly handy with this light!



The first bit to open this season of Robins was to recreate the “talent introduction sequence” of the Swedish Song Contest. The real show is shot big sensor, short depth of field, lighting and such.  For us to recreate this in a garage, on an ENG camera, was going to be a challenge.   The easiest would have been to shoot the first shots on a big glass plate, recreate on the car window for the wide shot and go from there. Time and lighting would not allow so we opted to shoot everything through the car window.

Lighting was done with 2 x 800W (added to light kit 😉 ) redheads bounced into foam core and the Arri Locaster taped to the car window. Shot everything wide open to achieve some depth of field on the small 2/3 sensor.
I really enjoyed this shoot. Everyone involved was Great and pulling in the same direction trying to get the most out of every minute!

All frame grabs are from iPad screen from SVT play streaming.

Robins -SVT episode 1