Interviews for doc

Today I spent the day in Stockholm shooting 2 of 4 interviews for a behind a scenes documentary we are producing for SVT (Swedish public broadcast)


Since there is so much movement and running around, moving lights and different colors in the doc I opted to go with the simple and clean black limbo look.

I made this a very simple setup. A 2K open face with a big piece of 216 on shot through a 4×4 frame with 216.
A x-small chimera as a back light.
A big beadboard as a fill bounce to which I added a 300w open face for some extra bounce.
I also shot a 800 with a chimera w/grid at a slightly lower angle from the key side.

Nothing crazy keep it simple, and I think it turned out pretty good I think.  Here are 2 ungraded framegrabs right out of camera


p.s.  As you can see I backed off the fill bounce quite a bit on his interview