Sony workshops

During 3 days in the beginning of december I will, together with Scandinavian Photo and Sony Pro Europe, speak at a masterclasses/workshops to present the newest Sony gear.

It will be an intense 3 days where we’ll look at a wide range of camera including PMW-200, PW-300, PMW-400,PMW-500, PXW-Z100 and PMW-F5 and F55.  We’ll also have 4k monitors onsite both the PMV-X300 as well as the newest 55″ Bravia 4k tv.

Lots of gear and specs but also a real look at what these cameras really do, which is make pretty pictures.


Sony software and Mac OS X Mavericks

I am about to buy a new Mac laptop but as the brand new Late 2013, retina MacBook Pro is preinstalled with OS X Mavericks (and may not be able to roll back to Lion or Mountain Lion) I am wondering what kind of software conflicts I may run into…   My main concern is for work related software such as Sony XDCam transfer, Sony Content Browser as well as a few other applications. I couldn’t find that much information on the net about this so I decided to do a quick test.

I installed OS X Mavericks on my home server, a Mac Mini late 2011.  I then installed XDcam transfer as well as Sony Content Browser 2.02.

Both Applications seem to work fine.  I can add a disc image (from XDCamHD422 optical Disc 1080 25p) and view and import clips in both applications.  This was not an extensive test of all features but simply a test to see if the software starts up and runs correctly.

Great news and is one check mark toward a new computer.

Content Browser1



Disclaimer:  No one asked me to write this or post any findings.   Ethics Statement

Big Sony update F5/F55

Today Sony released a major update to the F5/F55 line including the AXS-R5 raw recorder. This, free of charge, 2.0 firmware upgrade includes 30+ features longed for by most who’ve used the cameras.

HFR in both Raw and XAVC as well as waveform histogram and false color!

Great news and well done Sony for keeping on schedule with the upgrades!

Full details on

External DC power Canon 1Dc

Yesterday I heard of something I’ve been wanting ever since I got my Canon 1Dc, a way to power it off our big V-lock batteries.

Well Letus has come up with a great solution with a industry standard D-tap plug which runs into a mock battery fitting into the 1Dc. Pretty sweet setup.  I am assuming that since the 1Dx uses the same battery this solution would also work for the 1 Dx.
Today I heard its passing final testing and the product should be ready to ship soon. Cost is in the $150 range.


Update: Here is a link to Letus website

Disclaimer: No connection to Letus.

BMG 4K camera

Wow. What is going on at NAB this year. BlackMagic design has done it, again. 4K at $4k! They’ve released a 4K , super35mm sensor, global shutter, with internal Prores and Lossless DNG raw camera for $4000!! How is that even possible… Makes you wonder how pricing is set with the other manufacturers…
Can’t wait to see images come out if this camera, but if its half as good as you’d wish it is still a lot of camera for $4k.
It is set be released in end of July, but lets wait and see, since people are still waiting to get there BMDC camera that’s was announced last year…


The biggest candy store of tech is happening right now in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately I could not attend this year and I am left to follow everything on twitter and the web.

Already things are popping up like the new camera from BlackMagic design, The Phantom Flex 4K, a 4K camera in the $4K range!  Sony released the PMW-400, XAVC upgradeable 2/3 broadcast camera, MoVI,

And best of all… the show hasn’t really started yet, today it all comes out! 🙂


Here are a few press releases from Sony: