I made it! Kilimanjaro!!


I has been the hardest most challenging shoot I’ve been on. A small crew, me and another photographer, a producer and a host.  10 day trip with rain, wind, moisture and cold.  We’ve travelled with an amazing expedition crew, Expeditions Resor, led my World Class Explorers OLA SKINNARMO and ROBIN TRYGG. who’ve been very helpful.  Time schedule was very tight as we followed a regular group trip and on top of walking 7-10 hours a day we’ve hopefully managed to film for the 1hr show on Swedish Public TV.

me doing my own audio as producer was feeing ill due to altitude.
Audio setup. Sound Devices 633 mixer, 4 channels of Wisycom Audio, TimeCode Systems Wave as Master TC. In the back Sony Fs7 as both “A” and “B” camera and the Sony A7sii as “C” cam

Everything worked great technically.  All the gear really held up amazingly to some pretty rough weather and transport.  Cameras were hand carried 8-10 hrs a days as well as the mixer package, all other support/backup gear was packed away in Pelicases carried by our amazing porters.  We had some pretty severe rain for a couple of days and the desiccant bags were hard as work as night trying to keep everything working.

Great adventure and hopefully a good hours television later this fall. 🙂




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I work as Director of Photography based in sweden. One of my main strengths is finding the best possibilities for a chosen location, lighting it in a given time frame and producing images meeting, and hopefully exceeding the producers vision. After more than 15 years of working with the moving image I still enjoy the challange of getting “the shot” and seeing the light I own/run a production company in Malmo Sweden, www.pixeltouch.se

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