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I recently bought the Video Devices PIXE5 monitor/recorder. I am really happy with the size, features and the screen.  There is only one problem, I am way to sensitive about the video delay.  I tried to operate a comedy show off the monitor and thought I was filming a different person at times.  At IBC I spoke to the lead hardware engineer at Sound Devices who completely discarded this when I brought it up.  He said they have measured the delay to 2 frames, 1 frame to precess video and 1 frame to flip the display.  I made a claim of the delay being atleast double that but got an answer this was nothing they were going to look into to.

When I got back from IBC I set up this, very unscientific test, to show there is more than a 2 frame delay. You be the judge.  Shot with an Sony Fs7 with one SDI port going to each monitor, so no loop out.  I have since confirmed with Sony Europe that the delay from the SDI port on the Fs7 is 20ms, 1/2 frame.

I chose to use the Sound Devices PIX240i, a wonderful recorder/monitor to show the difference.

I sent this video to Sound Devices/Video Devices on the 28th of sept and got a fat response they would have a look but have heard nothing since. (2 oct)


a 4-5 frame delay is usually not a problem if your lighting or shooting a slow moving setup, but it is a lifetime if you’re shooting anything moving fast.

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  1. hello marcus –

    thanks for your post.
    i´m dop from germany. yesterday i had the chance to check the new pix e-7 in berlin.
    i was impressed by the product. it was attached to a sony camera (didn´t know the model). but when i panned the camera i was shocked by the delay of the pix e7. i wanted to buy this monitor/recorder as well for my focus-assistent. but it´s not possible to check focus via peaking with this delay.
    i got another question: i´m shooting as well anamorphisc with a x1,5 anamorphic lens. do you know something about this? anamorphic desqueezing?
    the new update got a desqueeze by factor 1,33. this is okay but it´s esspecially for the gh4. and when i switched it on it showed me a desqueezed image, but on 16:9 without black bars on top and bottom. and the image was cutted of right and left….this is crab. any ideas about this?
    unfortunatly the are no “real” test at the moment in the internet only the copies of the video devices promotion…

    1. Hi Manuel
      Thanks for your post. I am not sure about the desqueeze for anamorphic shooting.
      However the delay has been decreased quite a bit on the PixE5 with the latest firmware. Please have a look if you have the last firmware on the E7.
      Video devices has never confirmed a delay and have never mentioned it in any updates.

      All the best! Marcus

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