Canon 1DC

First look Canon 1DC
My first look at the Canon 1DC Photo: Martin Heleander

So today I got my hands on the 1DC from Canon. It is the newest flagship DSLR with 1080p as well as internal 4K video. All the specs on this beauty you’ll find here. It has clean 1080 HD out via the HDMI port for use with external recorders, but the real draw here, and what would justify the $12 000 price tag, is the internal Motion Jpeg compressed 4K files. The files are stored at a 500 mbit/s data rate (60MB/s) and this means you’ll need lots and lots of really fast CF cards. The Lexar 1000x is whats available right now to tame this beast.

Canon 1DC

Today was only a first initial hands-on, more playtime tomorrow but my first reaction is: Wow! I shot some side by side 1080 files, which in comparison to the 4K files, look like SD does to HD…

All images were shot with Canon Log, 0 detail, no hue or saturation adjustment. Camera set to aut white balance (no external monitor or mattebox used, ND was hand held to lens)


24-70/2,8II, 24mm, ISO 100, f11
70-200/2,8II 200mm ISO 200 f4 with 0,9ND


24-70/2,8II, ISO200, 24mm, f11, 0.9ND



24-70/2,8II, 24mm, ISO200, f5,6, 0.9ND


24-80/2,8II,  24mm ISO 200, f8, 0.9ND
24-80/2,8II, 24mm ISO 200, f8, 0.9ND, Shot to preserve highlights of sun into clouds.


The images above are all shot using either a Canon 24-70 2.8II or the Canon 70-200 2.8II. They are compressed in Jpeg. All images are available as .DPX files exported directly out of Premiere Pro.

More to come on this camera.  HERE IS MORE.



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    1. So sorry for the delay in responding to you, I’m guessing you figured out the best workflow already.
      The 1Dc files play back natively inside premiere pro.



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