Importing XDcam optical disc

Today I tried a couple of different methods of importing XDCam HD422 into Premiere Pro CC directly from the PDW-700 camera.  The latest firmware 1.83 on the camera and latest available version on all software. I used the same optical disc for all software, a dual layer disc filled with 13GB of data, 36 clips.

Method 1:  The great, very simple to use, free XDCam Transfer.  It has been rock solid  for so long and I’ve installed it on so many producer’s laptops I’ve lost count.  It took 25 seconds to add disc and get all thumbnails pictures!  Full timecode display and option of audio channels to import and sub clip choice.

Method 2:  The new Sony Content browser 2.2.  This is the new all in one media importer set to replace XDcam transfer ( as well as EX clipBrowser, PDZ-1, PDZ-VX10) in importing MpegHD as well as handling all Sony formats from SD to XAVC 2k and QFHD.
It was very slow and took 1 minute just to add 10 empty clip boxes without thumbnail pictures. It took 4 min 15 sec!!!  to get the 36 thumbnail with pictures to show up.  Why its so slow I have no idea, especially compared to the already exitsting XDCam Transfer.  I will check this with Sony and post back.

Method 3:  Adobe Prelude.  Couldn’t get it to work. Crashed 4 times.

Sooooo. My test ended early I saw no reason to import the footage.  I tried 1 clip with the Content browser which seems about as fast as I know the XDCam transfer to be.  But waiting 4+ minutes to get 36 thumbnails to show up is a no go for me.  Imagine a full 50GB disc with 130 clips on it…

Also I am perplexed as to why Sony is charging €16 to buy a license.  I agree €16 is nothing in comparison to other cost in this industry but more of a hassle.  When I work with optical disc I always have a USB drive with the free XDCam transfer (or PDZ-VX10) with me, ready to install on a clients computer for logging purposes.  Will I now have to BUY licenses for every time I want to do this??  I would rather see Sony give this software away for FREE and hope everyone installs it on every machine available, that way you can always view Sony content wherever you are… 🙂

There are of course other way of importing XDcam optical disc for editing such as the 1500 or 1600 deck or the PDWU1 or U2, which may work faster or better , but I needed to test from-camera-import.

CS6 Premiere Pro and XDCam…?

We are in the process of leaving Final Cut pro and are looking at Adobe CS6.
But there is one thing that keeps us from making the move. From time to time we need to edit in the field and deliver an XDcam optical disk.
So the question is: How do you export a finished edit/sequence back to Xdcam Optical disk from a Premiere Pro timeline? I can import footage but I need to be able to export it back to a camera or deck, not via SDI but via file transfer/export. For example: shoot, import to laptop, edit, export back to disk, feed from camera SDI…

I can’t figure it out and I am starting to think its not possible…
In Final Cut it was really really easy: File, Export, Xdcam!! Simple as that.

I have posted on Adobe forum and asked Adobe over twitter 3 or 4 times without receiving any useful help…
Any ideas!?

New sound gear.

Today we got our new sound gear delivered from Scandinavian Photo in Malmö. We’ve bought the Sony Digital wireless system with a DWR-S01 receiver and 2 DWT-B01 transmitters which offers great features and allows us to use 2 channels of wireless audio in the slot of the XDCam PDW-700.


Other than being an all digital system with 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio it has some really great option such as being able to control power/sleep, attenuation, lo-cut and RF out directly from the receiver. The system boost a dynamic range of 106 dB, a frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an excellent system latency of 3.6 ms. You can even encrypt the audio if you wish.

So a pretty cool system. We expect great things from this system and I’ll post back in a few months to update on what I think.
We already have 2 diversity systems from Sony (WRR-860) and if these new ones are half as good as the old ones, we are in for a treat. 🙂
My view on wireless systems (as well as most gear) is that you get what you pay for. We own another 4 less expensive systems and there is absolutely no comparison.

p.s. This is the only system which will allow for 2 channels in the slot of the XDCam 700/800. Sony has shut all other manufactures out of the second channel in the slot…  d.s.