FS700 test footage

Here are a few shots from my first test with the Sony NEX FS-700. I borrowed the camera from our local dealer (Scandinavian Photo, Malmö) and went down to the local skate park. Spent about 20 min there asking a few kids to participate. No external monitor, no meter, exposing from what I saw on the camera screen helped out by zebra. To be honest , without a sun shade or proper monitor, I was just happy to be able to frame using the camera monitor. 🙂

Footage shot at 200 fps using the MetaBones adaptor and a 16-35mm Canon L lens. The camera delivers full raster 1920×1080 HD at 200 fps.
Cine Gamma 1 was set in camera. There is clipping in a few places but I think it holds highlights pretty well considering slight over exposure here and there.

8 bit AVCHD at 4:2:0, and those .MTS files is a terrible in camera codec I think, would have loved to see the XDCam EX but I understand the competing product lines.  It does seem to hold up fairly well considering the compressed codec chosen in camera, especially highlights.  It is confirmed by a few users that its possible to take an uncompressed stream of the slow motion footage, which will certainly be a welcome option for high(er) end work.
Footage was transcoded (Prores) and editing in Final Cut. No grading or color correction of any kind. Compressed to 10Mbit/s H264 and uploaded to Vimeo.

I always think its hard to judge test footage on Vimeo or Youtube.  Compression is always in the middle.  In this case the footage is shot in 8 bit AVCHD 420, transcoded to 10 bit Prores, editied, Compressed to 10Mbit/s H264 and then uploaded to Vimeo where its, yet again, compressed to Vimeo Format…  So take it for what it is, slow motion images. 🙂


Sony FS700 SLOWMO TEST UnGraded from Marcus Skogstrom on Vimeo.

FS700-First thoughts 1/2

Today I finally got to test the FS700. I will try and write a more detailed post in the coming week but here some “first-thoughts”.
Slow motion is the main attraction here. 240 fps in full HD. Up to 800 fps with reduced resolution. It’s a 4k (later upgrade option) super 35 sensor, with a wide choice of lens choices.

The FS700 offers a mid size sort of awkward body, but once you add a cheese plate and all your gizmos and such it will look like any other camera system. A small smart brain with a sensor somewhere hidden underneath a myriad of add ons.

Today’s first test was totally unscientific. First a liquid pour with a Nikon 70-200. Quick quick setup, 2 lights. Then some exterior shots, a 16-35 Canon lens, no monitor, outside and exposing on a whim only helped by zebras on the sun lit screen shooting some rollerblading and skateboarding. Makes for nice slow motion right… Yes it does! 🙂
From what I’ve seen so far, only in camera, and on a Mac Book Pro it looks really nice. CINE 1 gamma holds the high lights nicely. Can’t wait to watch it on a proper monitor. 🙂

I must say I am not crazy about the choice of AVCHD and those .mts files. 8bit AvCHD is not ideal but seems to hold up reasonably well from what I quickly saw on my Mac. Transcoding is a must and I would have loved to see the trusted EX codec instead. Competing product lines I suspect.

My next interest is how well this camera plays with the bigger brother Sony F3. I can definitely see this camera as a B Cam to our F3.
Lots of testing left but so far very exciting. More to come, for sure.