PIX-E5 video delay

I recently bought the Video Devices PIXE5 monitor/recorder. I am really happy with the size, features and the screen.  There is only one problem, I am way to sensitive about the video delay.  I tried to operate a comedy show off the monitor and thought I was filming a different person at times.  At IBC I spoke to the lead hardware engineer at Sound Devices who completely discarded this when I brought it up.  He said they have measured the delay to 2 frames, 1 frame to precess video and 1 frame to flip the display.  I made a claim of the delay being atleast double that but got an answer this was nothing they were going to look into to.

When I got back from IBC I set up this, very unscientific test, to show there is more than a 2 frame delay. You be the judge.  Shot with an Sony Fs7 with one SDI port going to each monitor, so no loop out.  I have since confirmed with Sony Europe that the delay from the SDI port on the Fs7 is 20ms, 1/2 frame.

I chose to use the Sound Devices PIX240i, a wonderful recorder/monitor to show the difference.

I sent this video to Sound Devices/Video Devices on the 28th of sept and got a fat response they would have a look but have heard nothing since. (2 oct)


a 4-5 frame delay is usually not a problem if your lighting or shooting a slow moving setup, but it is a lifetime if you’re shooting anything moving fast.