Handheld and on-board monitor


My current project is a handheld project, simple as that. I would say 85% of this documentary is handheld. We are running around, literally, and light is changing from room to room and color is a constant change. The Sony XDCam PDW-700 has really great in-camera paint options, but in order to get the colors close enough a monitor is a must.

Since it is so much handheld work I decided to move my on-board monitor (which is usually located on the top handle) up front and down low to allow me to have a constant view of it.

I started with the Alphatron viewfinder, removed the eye piece and just used the monitor. This was great small solution color was ok. But the alphatron is missing a thing I really wanted, a waveform monitor or histogram.



I decided to go with the trusted 5′ TV-logic. It is a little bit bigger but the quality screen and waveform monitor makes it worth the trouble.


This is something I will definitely do again if a true run n’ gun situation comes up.

Disclaimer: No connection to either TV-logic nor Alphatron.20130512-145911.jpg

New sound gear.

Today we got our new sound gear delivered from Scandinavian Photo in Malmö. We’ve bought the Sony Digital wireless system with a DWR-S01 receiver and 2 DWT-B01 transmitters which offers great features and allows us to use 2 channels of wireless audio in the slot of the XDCam PDW-700.


Other than being an all digital system with 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio it has some really great option such as being able to control power/sleep, attenuation, lo-cut and RF out directly from the receiver. The system boost a dynamic range of 106 dB, a frequency response of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an excellent system latency of 3.6 ms. You can even encrypt the audio if you wish.

So a pretty cool system. We expect great things from this system and I’ll post back in a few months to update on what I think.
We already have 2 diversity systems from Sony (WRR-860) and if these new ones are half as good as the old ones, we are in for a treat. 🙂
My view on wireless systems (as well as most gear) is that you get what you pay for. We own another 4 less expensive systems and there is absolutely no comparison.

p.s. This is the only system which will allow for 2 channels in the slot of the XDCam 700/800. Sony has shut all other manufactures out of the second channel in the slot…  d.s.