Gemini Raw

Convergent design has done it again. Today they officially released the “Gemini Raw” an external recorder recording onto SSD drives. With the Nano and Gemini 444 they now add support for 4K Raw acquisition with live preview and playback.
The 4 camera recording will allow 4 streams of HD-SDI simultaneously recording DNxHD onto the Gemini RAW.
It also features 4 camera recording, quad split playback, stereo 3D, uncompressed 444 and 120fps support in 2K.
DNxHD recently added to the Gemini 444 is if course also included in the Raw version. Convergent Design has also “future proofed” this recorder allowing for both RAW/uncompressed and DNxHD220 recording at the same time!!
Talk about data flow! 🙂
Price is still TBD but this looks like the recorder to get for high end work.