when minutes count…

—-update: New firmware to fix below issue is now release please see Convergent Designs site. —-

You know that feeling when something fails and you just need to get it working…

Today I hooked up our  Odyssey 7Q in quad split mode for an upcoming shoot, only days after upgrading to the new firmware.   The pictures in the quads were flashing like crazy.  I tried different cables and 2 different 7q monitors. The second monitor worked right before, but not after the new firmware upgrade, so the conclusion being that the new fw somehow impacted the quad split mode .

I reached out to Convergent Design via Mitch Gross and Dan Keaton.  BOTH of them returned within the hour, despite a 6 hr time difference between sweden and the east coast, so early morning in NY.

CD confirmed that the new firmware does not accept  PsF or interlaced frames in the Quad Split mode at this time, something that was missed in the release notes.  They are working to resolve this issue. The solution, for now, is to roll back to the old firmware if you need to use quad split with a PsF frame.  Please see their website for old firmware.

I must say that in a business like this, when minutes feel like hours, when something fails, Convergent Design sets it’s own standard in customer support.  This is not the first time they’ve provided flashing fast answers to a question or technical issue.  This is something  I value greatly in a company who’s products I purchase.

disclaimer:  No relation to CD, incredibly happy customer who pays for all my own gear.

Convergent Design – OLED monitor

Photo: (c) Convergent Design
Photo: (c) Convergent Design

Today Convergent Design announced a new 7.7″ OLED monitor.  It has some really great features, other than the 1200×800 OLED display. It is also a recorder if you’d like.  So when you are ready to move into external recording you simply purchase an upgrade or even “rent” the recording options you need for that day and pay on a day to day basis. ArriRaw, Canon RAW, Avid DNxHD up to 1080p30/1080i60, HD/2K Uncompreseed RGB 444 up to 60fps, 4K support.   Brilliant concept if you ask me.  Buy the monitor at a great price (only $1295!!) and add the features you need, When you need them.  UPDATE , NOTE:  The Odyssey Q with more options etc is listed at $2300.   SEE:   http://www.convergent-design.com/Products/Odyssey7.aspx#7-vs-7Q-Comparison-24

Photo (c) Convergent Design
Photo (c) Convergent Design

Of course it has all the Focus Assist, YRGB Waveform, Histogram, False Color, Vectorscope, Zebras options as well.  Check out Convergent Designs site for all the details.


Disclaimer: No affiliation what so ever to CD.