RAW on Canon 5D mkiii?

The folks over at Magic Lantern seem to have done it again.  They’ve managed to write a “hack” which allows for RAW  video to be saved to the card, bypassing the H264 compression giving sharper images with more dynamic range.  I can’t figure out if Canon likes this or thinks it may infringe on C100, C300, C500, 1Dc sales…

Here are a couple of articles explaining some of this.



Canon 5D mark III – at last

At last, after a long long wait, lots of speculations, rumors and more speculations it is finally here; the new Canon 5D mark III.  The camera is updated with a vastly improved Autofocus (AF) system with 61 point AF compared to the old 9. It has an updated sensor and new DIGIC 5+ processor, 6 frames per second.

As for the video bit it has been updated with the new option of I-frame compression, which means each frame is individually compressed.  This will make for cleaner video images as well as easier editing without having to transcode.  This is great news.

Canon decided to add Timecode (TC) which is great news for video/film work where you want to incorporate this camera into a multi camera environment.  This is something Nikon failed to add this year.

On the other hand Canon has left out something Nikon added this year, CLEAN UNCOMPRESSED HD out of the HDMI port.  So you are still limited to the onboard codec which is a shame, should you want a higher quality/bitrate image.  This is, I am sure, a marketing strategy on Canons part. They now have the wonderful C300 which will give you uncompressed HDSDI out so why add the same feature to a camera costing $8-10 000 less…

Another thing not mentioned on the Canon 5D mark III, which is a big plus for Nikon, is the Crop mode in video, which will allow you to zoom into the sensor extending the focal length without changing the aperture on the lens. I would have like to see this on the Canon as well.

I am sure this camera will be a great sucess both in still and video photography. 22,3MP with improved AF and image processor and better on board video, headphone jack, audio level adjustment while recording and TC support.

On my part I think I made the correct choice going with Nikon considering I want the clean HD signal out of the camera and I think the crop mode will serve as a great feature.

As always: To each his own… 🙂