CS6 Premiere Pro and XDCam – Solution

I finally figured it out! With some online suggestions and trial and error it finally works, No thanks to Adobe who’ve managed to side-step several cries for help…

You export the entire, or selected bit of your edit (sequence) . Use OpMXF1a and save your MFX file to the desktop for example.
Rename the file in a manner Sony’s Professional disc will like: C0001, or other non conflicting file number. I found that C9990 was not accepted and I guess there is a limit to the amount of clips allowed on a disc.
However C0800 was accepted and will be my first numbering on export.

When this is done simply drop your C0800 in the CLIP folder on your professional disc. The File will now play back on camera and you can output via HdSdi.
Thats it! 🙂

CS6 Premiere Pro and XDCam…?

We are in the process of leaving Final Cut pro and are looking at Adobe CS6.
But there is one thing that keeps us from making the move. From time to time we need to edit in the field and deliver an XDcam optical disk.
So the question is: How do you export a finished edit/sequence back to Xdcam Optical disk from a Premiere Pro timeline? I can import footage but I need to be able to export it back to a camera or deck, not via SDI but via file transfer/export. For example: shoot, import to laptop, edit, export back to disk, feed from camera SDI…

I can’t figure it out and I am starting to think its not possible…
In Final Cut it was really really easy: File, Export, Xdcam!! Simple as that.

I have posted on Adobe forum and asked Adobe over twitter 3 or 4 times without receiving any useful help…
Any ideas!?