Adobe Premiere adds XAVC support!

About a month ago I saw a demo of the coming  Adobe Premiere upgrade but was asked to keep a lid on until now.  I was really interested to see if the software only machine would playback 4K XAVC footage from the F55.  It played (on a maxed out HP laptop) back the 4K footage in full resolution without any problems.  Even more so, it scrubbed the footage like it was a 25Mbit/s DVstream, not a 300Mbit/s 4K stream!!  It updated the timeline window as fast as I could move the cursor and played back instantly when I hit play.  I was blown away!

This release will add full XAVC support (all flavours) to Prelude, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder but with read-only at first. As for Speedgrade there is more surprises ahead…
Playback will require some pretty heavy system requirements to playback 4K 50/60+ fps but the support is there.  Just in time for NAB, how lucky is that….  😉