attention to detail

There is one thing that get me every time.  When you spell my name wrong!  I think it calls for a little bit of effort but means a huge chunk of respect to get someones name right.  I ALWAYS make sure I double check a name whenever I write to somebody and if I’m not sure I leave it out.  It really is a matter of respect.

We get a few email a month from people who want to get into the business and come work or intern with us.  Today came another one… a 2 page letter, nicely composed on a self made letterhead. It started:

Dear Markus!

Right there I lost interest. If you actually enter my email address (marcus@ )  manually how can you get my name wrong??  If you then go on to point out how good you are at “attention to detail” I’m not so sure…


Rant over!   🙂

Drone restrictions, finally

In recent time everybody seem to own a drone. I have colleagues with 0 previous flying experience who’ve bought quad copters with a GoPro, flying wherever they think will make a good shot. I would love to add my own aerials to some of my productions but I choose to hire someone to do it for me, simply for the liability issue. I don’t want to be responsible for crashing on a playground somewhere.

Well the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has taken a stand now stating the Drones fall under FAA jurisdiction.
Here is more

Lighting workshop

Today I held a lighting workshop here in Malmo. It’s the first part in a 4 part series. Basic Lighting and theory was the goal for today. Next time (lighting 201) we’ll focus on different lighting setups in full practical session. Part 3 will focus on cameras/sensors/codecs/formats etc. The last session we’ll look at workflow from pre production to output. It was a lot of fun to share what I’ve learned through the years.

Knightec and Tetra Pak

Just finished a video for Knightec, a Lund based consulting firm specializing in leadership, product development and production technology.  It was a 6hr shoot at Tetra Pak in Lund. Unfortunately the video is for internal use only and will not be posted publicly.  I will try and get clearance to post a few frame grabs. The 2min video was shot on the Canon 1Dc in 4k and delivered in 1080.