Ethics statement

I love what I do for a living and I like to sometimes share on this site.  I have ended pretty much every single post stating my independence and reason for writing a post on a specific item, which has always been to share my personal thoughts on something. I write about what I think, my personal opinion.  No one pays me to write, no one has payed a single dollar to write anything on this site.  If this were to change, if I was to get payed to write an article on a specific item, I would clearly point this out, and under what terms.

I am a freelance, I have always been a freelance, never employed by anyone else but myself.  I have always made my own calls on everything from which job to take and what equipment to buy.  Like any professional person in this industry we have different deals and discount on stuff mostly dependent on how much we purchase from a single dealer/outlet. I will not take gear as payment. I will invoice and decide for myself what gear to purchase. Keeping my independence is very important to me.

I do however have access to alot of gear to test, mostly from our local dealer, Scandinavian Photo.  This is gear I borrow, free of charge to test.  I (my company) owns a lot of gear as well and a lot of the gear I try/test we enventually purchase at market rates.

In the last month (during feb 2013) I have been asked by Sony to participate in their ICE Program (Independent Certified Expert)  I will be asked to help Sony talk about their product and give a professional user’s opinion on certain gear.  Sometimes this will be a payed effort to cover my time and travel expenses.  But one things will still remain, my independence to express my personal opinions of both Sony and other manufacturers gear.  Am I  a pro Sony person? Yes, but in no other way that having chosen to buy 5 different Sony Cameras, Sony Audio and accessories previous to being asked to participate in the ICE Program, simply because I think they make really great products.   I will still write about other gear from other manufacturers and will also share my opinions of things I wish Sony would better or change. I am NOT employed by Sony during this commitment I am simply sharing my knowledge and experience from using their gear for almost 20 years.  Naturally I use a lot of other gear from a variety of other manufacturers as well.

To reiterate: Keeping my independence is very important and all opinions shared by me on this site or elsewhere is just that, a personal opinion.

Enjoy the site and I love to hear feedback!


Marcus Skogstrom
Director of Photography



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