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I have all my photos and files backup up, in several location, but the main backup station is in my basement on a NAS (network attached storage).
I can access this from all over the place and it’s hooked up to my computer, TV’s and home cinema via LAN and WiFi. But one thing I was missing was a good app to browse my NAS via my iPad mini and iOS.
I searched and found a few different one but decided on the “File Browser”.


It lets me browse all kinds of file but for me mainly pictures, Jpg and even Raw files, movies and and download, email or even Chromecast or Airplay them to a screen. It loads thumbnail quickly and if your wifi is fast it’s almost like browsing on your computer.
You can access all your favorite clouds such as Dropbox, Box GoogleDrive and via FTP and WebDAV.

There is a free version if you want to try-before-you-buy.
Check it out.

Disclaimer: No relation or ask, just a cool app I found which helps my daily computer needs… 😉


GoPro Hero3+ for still shooters?

I am wondering how many still shooters are using the GoPro Hero line of cameras. I can think of many great potential uses for them, especially since the introduction of 4K.

At 15 frames/s in 4K resolution being able to pull 8MP stills should easily work for action/sports/news photography. Yes at its widest it is fish eye looking but when that doesn’t work you can use other modes with less distortion. Think of mounting the camera in a hockey goal for example, and have 15fr/s continuously, in 8MP.
Before you send lecturing emails 🙂 explaining you need at least 1/500 shutter to freeze the action just consider the possibility. It may not work now but perhaps the next version GoPro Hero 4 will allow for faster shutter speed with increased sensitivity.
Is there anyone using GoPro cameras for news/sport stills work today?? Please chime in.

Backup anyone…?


I did a local backup to my home server a couple of days ago. Today I just realized that I accidentally must have deleted every single digital image pre 2005!!! 1000’s of images gone!! My heart did skip a beat, but only for a second. I logged into my backup server at work, where I keep the “second backup” of everything digital in my life… Order is now restored! 🙂 Backup is an absolute must these days!

I have one local backup in for of a RAID1 external drive. This offers some protection in case of a disc failure (which is a question of when, not if) but doesn’t cover stupidity or fire/theft. Therefore I also have an old computer set up at work which offers an offsite backup solution. All digital files are kept in 2 places, a pretty good way of safe guarding your files.
There are a lot of options today, Dropbox, different clouds and crash plans. People just need to get on board. I think very few people imagine how they’ll feel if they lost every digital picture they’ve ever taken.
Keeping large volumes of data, say a couple of TB (video files often/easily compile this amount of data) can be quite costly but on the other hand: what is the cost of loosing everything…? One easy and pretty inexpensive solution is simply having an external harddrive at a relative’s house. Make a copy of all you stuff once a month and at most a month worth of data is all you’ll loose. You also get to see your relatives at a regular basis… 🙂

How does everyone out there backup up all their digital content?

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