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Today I updated our FS7 to 4 channels Audio and ProRes support.  The new firmware from Sony is split into 2 installs.  One is for the camera alone which add the 4 channels of audio as well as DCI (4096×2160) 4K recording.

The other 2.0 update is for the XDCA-FS7 (camera back which adds a V-lock plate, RAW out, TC, Genlock and ProRes hardware) which adds Apple ProRes recording option.

The biggest thing for me is the added 2 channels for a 4 channels recorded file.  Being able to add scratch sound or a camera mic onto ch3/4 is a huge plus when doing jobs without a sound person.  The hotshoe adapter also adds audio controls such as attenuation and phantom power. Really nice!

The Good:  Great to have 4 channels  of recordable, controllable audio. It also gives you a hands on control of audio levels while the camera is on your shoulder.

The Bad: It builds a little on top with the XLR-K2M (K1m doesn’t build on the top but requires a custom attachment plate/point).




The added ProRes recording option, only with added “XDCA-FS7”.   NO S&Q, No Dual Record or Picture Cache while shooing in ProRes.






4 channels Audio Sony FS7


Sony has announced that with the new free firmware released in March 2015, the FS7 will allow for 4 channels of audio input.  Really a welcome addition!  By adding the optional XLR-K2M adapter you can access the additional 2 channels via XLR input.

Other feature include DCI 4k recording as well as Prores support with the optional XDCA-FS7.

Sony release

GoPro filter from Lee


Soon everyone owns a GoPro. Even the average joe just wanting cool video playing with the kids. For everyone using them proessionally one thing missing is an easy way to add filters, mostly ND. You see GoPro shots all over television and even in film. But they stand out a little mostly perhaps because of the shutter which can’t be set manually.   The exposure is controlled by the shutter speed, which outdoors in the sun, is often very fast. Being able to add ND would take shutter speeds down allowing for some motion blur.

Enter Lee Bug System.  To start off with it seems like 0.9 ND grad (3 stops) and polarizer are the two filters being offered, but I am sure we’ll see a range of regular ND’s soon.
I am not sure about the claim on LeeFilters site that the ND Grad filter “can be left in place for pretty much all outdoor filming and the effects are plain to see.” but to each his own. 🙂


They also sell an underwater kit. More details on.



DISCLAIMER:  No connection with Lee, personal view. Ethics statement


Lots of work ahead

Today we finalized the deal to shoot 4 x 1hr shows for SVT (swedish public broadcasting).  It will be a great challenge as some of the show will take place inside a car, being shot with multiple cameras har mounted. The rest of the show will be shot on a big sensor, 2 camera setup still TBD.

I am stoked to take on this challenge but realize the workload ahead.  I’ll be heading up the technical setup and as well as shooting the show.

Lots more on this ahead I am sure.


Heden Carat Follow Focus


Heden Engineering has come out with a new follow focus in the same sprit as last years HLC.  It is a bluetooth 4  device with great range and great options.  The new Carat will also drive the motors inside the Fujinon Cabrio and S6 optics which is great news as the Cabrio is a big hit for “big sensor” work.   The hand unit is also smaller than the HLC.

Can’t wait to have a look at this unit in real life!


A sad sad day…

800 journalist in 12 years.  That is an incredibly sad statistic.   Today it happened again.  A swedish radio journalist was shot and killed while doing an interview on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan.  Nils Horner was one of the most experienced correspondent journalist in Sweden having covered conflicts and stories all over since 2001 for SR (Swedish public radio).  He was very safety conscious and  he and his employer SR  had taken every precaution possible on his trips. When you travel you plan, you think ahead try to see things evolve.  But when someone comes out of nowhere, pulls out a gun and shoots you in the back of the head, on a public street, all safety thinking goes out the window. You can’t protect yourself from that.

Journalists covering conflicts zones is so important to shed light on otherwise dark grey zones.  IS this the price? Is it worth it?  That is the impossible question, but in the long run it must be.  Nils Horner was dedicated to his craft and lived to tell his story.

Thought and condolences go out to Nils’ family and friends.







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