Tape your bounce

IF you’re like me perhaps you treat bead board like an expendable. It’s great for a quick bounce, lightweight and cost next to nothing. If it breaks or tears throw it away and get a new one. Cause one problems is just that it’s really fragile, especially in the edges. The easy fix is to just wrap the edges with some gaffer tape. It will hold up way better to the abuse it’s put through during a day of production.



Another favorite is to break one in half and gaffer tape it together like a little book.  Makes for a quick easy, bounce on a table or such and it also keeps the light from spreading everywhere. Easy to fold and bring along.

Tape the backside as well and it will last even longer.




Sometimes you may also want a little more push in the bounce the the white beads. Simply gaffer tape your favorite bounce material to the front and you’ll still have a lightweight, rigid bounce board costing next to nothing.


For the low cost version of silver bounce you can use oven aluminum foil.  Sound silly but works like a charm for a hard silver bounce. If you want a little softer but still silver choose the heavy duty textured oven aluminum foil. One downside to the cheap DIY consumer bounce is that it’s noisy, any movement or slight wind will make it russle and mess wih your audio.Bounce2



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