New Macbook Pro / Premiere Pro issue?


Two days ago I got a second Macbook Pro, the new one released a few days ago. (1 Aug 2014)  I tried to connect it, for video output, to the Black Magic design Ultrastudio Mini Monitor.

All I got as an output was a green screen with lots of digital breakup. I tried everything, earlier version of drivers, unistall, install etc etc and finally found the reason.  If I turned OFF Open CL, and worked software only inside Premiere Pro it output video correctly.  The new Macbook Pro (mid 21014) in question uses an Intel Iris Pro graphics card and there seems to be a conflict of some sort.

Adobe, Sweden is on the case and will report back soon hopefully.
!!!UPDATE!!! As I am writing this post Adobe gets back to me saying this is a known issue affecting all video output using Intel Iris Pro. Adobe and Intel as actively searching for a solution!


Turn OFF open CL to have Ultrastudio Mini Monitor working in Premiere Pro on New MackBook Pro.
Turn OFF open CL to have Ultrastudio Mini Monitor working in Premiere Pro on New MackBook Pro.



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2 thoughts on “New Macbook Pro / Premiere Pro issue?”

  1. Hello

    I have been researching whether or not to move to a MacBook Pro from PC. I use Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom.

    I am wondering which model/configuration of the MacBook Pro you have? It would be sad to discover this happens even with the 15-inch 2.5GHz or 2.8GHz with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.

    Sydney, Australia.

    1. Hi Greg. My guess would be that it would not be a problem sinne the dedicated graphics card would be used and not the Intel Iris Pro. The machine that showed this issue did NOT have the dedicated graphics card.
      I can throw my contact at Adobe an email and ask what he thinks!

      Best, Marcus

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