Offload CF cards


Today I tried a new thing I ordered online which would allow me to connect a CF card to my thunderbolt SATA interface reader.  I was hoping this would shave a little time when offloading big CD cards like 64GB or 128GB. If you’re one for short and sweet posts, here it is: big FAIL.

Basically the little red thing is a CD card slot which I connected to my Seagate thunderbolt reader.

On a full 32GB card it took the CF card reader 16 min 30 sec while it only took 5 min 20sec on my Kingston USB3 reader.  So it was good in theory but a miserable fail in real life.  I also, for fun, tried moving 35GB from an SSD through the thunderbolt reader to my internal drive on my macbook pro.  1 min!!! 🙂

cf reader3
Huge fail 16:30 for a full 32GB card
cf reader4
The clear winner emptying a FULL 32GB card in 5:20min


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