GoPro Hero3+ for still shooters?

I am wondering how many still shooters are using the GoPro Hero line of cameras. I can think of many great potential uses for them, especially since the introduction of 4K.

At 15 frames/s in 4K resolution being able to pull 8MP stills should easily work for action/sports/news photography. Yes at its widest it is fish eye looking but when that doesn’t work you can use other modes with less distortion. Think of mounting the camera in a hockey goal for example, and have 15fr/s continuously, in 8MP.
Before you send lecturing emails 🙂 explaining you need at least 1/500 shutter to freeze the action just consider the possibility. It may not work now but perhaps the next version GoPro Hero 4 will allow for faster shutter speed with increased sensitivity.
Is there anyone using GoPro cameras for news/sport stills work today?? Please chime in.

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I work as Director of Photography based in sweden. One of my main strengths is finding the best possibilities for a chosen location, lighting it in a given time frame and producing images meeting, and hopefully exceeding the producers vision. After more than 15 years of working with the moving image I still enjoy the challange of getting “the shot” and seeing the light I own/run a production company in Malmo Sweden,

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