Fast moving industry…

Today GoPro released a new camera the GoPro Hero3+. New and improved, slimmer design and what not.

It’s said to have a better, sharper lens and improvement to both metering and white balance . SuperView which takes a 4:3 1440p image and squeezes it into 16:9 1080p image.
The biggest thing, perhaps, is a better battery which lasts longer than the current one, which without exaggeration, sucks.

Think back what kind of video images a matchbook sized $400 camera delivered just a few years ago…
The bad thing, or perhaps GoPro business idea, is as soon as I buy a new one I NEVER use the old ones, they make a nice collection though… 🙂
Have a look at there video and then go: “Aaaah all of that for $400! I’ll take two!”

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I work as Director of Photography based in sweden. One of my main strengths is finding the best possibilities for a chosen location, lighting it in a given time frame and producing images meeting, and hopefully exceeding the producers vision. After more than 15 years of working with the moving image I still enjoy the challange of getting “the shot” and seeing the light I own/run a production company in Malmo Sweden,

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