Sony PMW-200 first look

Yesterday I finally got to lay my hands on the new Sony PMW-200 Xdcam camera recently announced. It is a 50Mbit/s MpegHD422 camera with a 1/2 inch sensor.
I will do a complete post with pictures and more details, hopefully this weekend, but here is a sneak peak…

Image quality is really remarkable for a camera in this price range. We did a quick setup. Black cloth, a few objects, some skin tone and one 600w open face tungsten light. Same gamma settings, HG3, and we white balanced in key light.

On this shot I had, together with a Senior DaVinci Colorist / VFX Supervisor, a hard time to tell the difference between a PDW700 with a Canon HJ22 (a $65 000 setup) and the PMW200 ($8 000).
I had heard it was good looking camera but this more than I expected.
This is of course one setup shot at f5.6 at our office. Other situations may show different thing, more testing will tell. 🙂

The camera has a few things I am not thrilled about but we’ll leave this for the complete post. Check back!

Here is a screen grab converted to Jpg for display. Will post uncompressed pics with later post.


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