CS6 Premiere Pro and XDCam…?

We are in the process of leaving Final Cut pro and are looking at Adobe CS6.
But there is one thing that keeps us from making the move. From time to time we need to edit in the field and deliver an XDcam optical disk.
So the question is: How do you export a finished edit/sequence back to Xdcam Optical disk from a Premiere Pro timeline? I can import footage but I need to be able to export it back to a camera or deck, not via SDI but via file transfer/export. For example: shoot, import to laptop, edit, export back to disk, feed from camera SDI…

I can’t figure it out and I am starting to think its not possible…
In Final Cut it was really really easy: File, Export, Xdcam!! Simple as that.

I have posted on Adobe forum and asked Adobe over twitter 3 or 4 times without receiving any useful help…
Any ideas!?

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  1. Greetings–
    I have the same question. Maye I’ve seen you ask the same question on Creative Cow and the Adobe site. I just called Sony, and while they definitely helped me once to export via Final Cut, they had no idea about Premiere. I do a 30-minute music tv show, and the station requires XDCAM HD discs.

    I’m also debating whether to switch to Premiere, but not being able to do this would be a deal breaker.

    Best regards,

    Ron Stanford

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